Mar 17, 2016: Pool Break!


Sometimes you just have to take a quick break from the daily grind to run around the pool and play with your noodle!


What’s funny is that almost this exact same scenario played out a couple of days earlier this week, instead resulting in Christopher unexpectedly falling headfirst into the pool and realizing firsthand why he hasn’t seen Mommy and Daddy swimming in the pool ourselves this early in the year!

Granted, that was with him splashing instead of just playing with the noodle, and he still has a little fun splashing his hands in the hot tub where he doesn’t need to lean over nearly as far to splash, plus today I was sitting right next to where he was playing in an abundance of caution, but I suppose if nothing else it’s good to confirm that all of the money we’ve spent on swim lessons has been going to good use. 😉

…as opposed to that stupid fence that he learned how to defeat roughly 72 hours after the dumb thing was installed…

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