May 5, 2017: The Baby Demands Minifigs

Hey, look – we found the new series of Lego Minifigs!!!

…and as you can see, Matthew just couldn’t get enough of them… 😉

The last couple of series, I’ve had an increasingly hard time finding them, to the point where I think I only bought one batch of Lego Batman blind packs when I found them and traded or bought the rest from Bricklink, and series 16 got me so many duplicates that I just bought most of those as singles as well. With both series, I’ve gotten lucky and managed to find sellers with several of them listed for under the list price of $3.99 each, so from that angle it sort of seems like a no brainer!

This time I picked up 10 packs – about the most I’ll let myself get at one time without feeling like a greedy, old man buying kids toys! – and out of 10, I only ended up with three dups, which isn’t too bad. I feel like they’re getting more and more creative as the line continues to grow, too – there are most than not in series 17 that I’m really looking forward to picking up.

  • Corn Cob Guy, of course!
  • Hot Dog Man is neat – I got this one – though I’m not crazy about the accessories not having anything to hook to so that they fall off the tray.
  • Gourmet Chef is cool – got this one, too.
  • Rocket Boy … love all of the ones of guys dressed up in costumes and in this series, we get two!
  • Retro Spaceman is pretty neat, too.

Admittedly it is a little tough to see my collection go back to In Progress status as there’s now a whopping nine minifigs to get back to completion where I was two months ago, but I love seeing the new additions that Lego comes up with for this line a few times a year and it’s ever fun to collect, to boot!

Next up after series 17, I think is a series based on the upcoming Lego Ninjago Movie … which I’m not crazy about, though some of the Ninjago sets are kind of fun so hopefully that will carry over into the minifig series as well.

I’d really like to see a second set of Disney minifigs come out, though seeing how that one was kind of botched via retail (i.e. Why weren’t they in every toy shop at Walt Disney World?!), it wouldn’t entirely surprise me if what we’ve already got it about it.

Anywho, fun series, and I look forward to barraging my kids with this passion for Legos – both physically as seen here as well as in the more traditional sense as they get a little older! 😉

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  1. Scott says:

    P.S. For anyone curious, I found these at the Lego Store at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL. They had several bins of them around the store – purchase limit of 16 per person – at seemed to have plenty at the time.

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