May 7, 2017: Boundless Energy

If only we were able to somehow harness the energy of our children…

…it would actually probably be illegal because it would likely transform into a weird, Matrix-like scenario where little kids are kept in amniotic sacks in giant, autonomous energy farms maintained by creepy, spider robots…

…but then again, hey – whatever keeps them busy and keeps stray Legos off of my floor!

In the past we’ve observed that Christopher will sometimes get so into swimming in the pool that he doesn’t necessarily realize when he’s getting tired and eventually we’ll have to intervene before it gets too dangerous for him to keep pushing himself more and more. Well, today we learned that apparently this same principle applies out of the water, too, as over the better part of the afternoon we watched him run and jump from one play structure to the next at this park, climbing and sliding and sliding and climbing until eventually I had to interject to say, “Maybe let me hold onto your juice cup instead of trying to climb across the inverted monkey bars thingy with only one hand…”

At least he should sleep really well in the car ride back home … if we can ever actually get him to leave the playground, that is. 😛

I was really happy with how he played today, though – lots of running around and trying new things, along with a bit of playing with other kids without going all Mortal Kombat on them! Granted, I pretty much spent the entire afternoon watching him just because I don’t think he’s quite old enough just yet to run around unattended like that, but it gave me a chance to relax and just enjoy the non-scorchingly-hot outdoors in the few remaining days we have here before summer comes crashing in and forces me back inside for the foreseeable future!

I’ve also got to say that, for what it’s worth, I kind of admire his fearlessness across the playground as a whole – which may come back to bite me eventually between him and his brothers – but the things that this kid attempted to climb seemed all but endless, and I’d much rather he do that kind of exploring here than on the shelves and entertainment center that are liable to tip over on him back at home.

Yeah, now that I’m reading the words on this page, I’m definitely going to regret even admitting that.

…is it too late to do the whole kid-battery thing after all??? Maybe just part-time for now and we can see how the whole experiment goes. I’m sure those creepy, spider robots would be open to some sort of negotiation like that…

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