May 10, 2017: The Quiet One

Christopher, as our resident three year old, is the hyper one.

David, the large and in charge twin, is the loud one.

And Matthew, the smaller and more reserved twin, is the quiet one.

You could say that I’ve got a kid for every mood, although admittedly lately I’ve been most appreciative of Matthew’s laid back demeanor because, well, the other two sometimes get a wee bit stressful! Matthew, on the other hand, makes pretty much the same amount of noise whether he’s laughing or crying … which sometimes makes it challenging to tell which is which … but regardless, sometimes it’s nice to be able to just zone out one-on-one with the quiet one and let his calm try to rub off on me while I do my best to tune out the other two crazy ones! 😛

I’ve noticed that as the twins have started developing these little personalities of their own, it’s rewarding to indulge in that solo time with each of them to better appreciate and bond with them for who they’re becoming and not just all three of them together as one big gaggle of Sevener boys! Definitely in just the last couple of months, the twins have gotten past that I’m just a baby here to drive Dad crazy-phase and are entering a new phase that’s a lot more fun to interact with them individually.

In fact, just last night while we were all at swim class – which has become an event because instead of running back and forth three times a week, they all swim on the same night that becomes really drawn out by the time all is said and done – it was a few giggles and smiles with Matthew that helped to lower my blood pressure a bit after dealing with Christopher for the previous hour had gotten particularly stressful alongside trying to trade babies in and out of the water, getting them dressed after swimming, etc, etc…

David can be fun, too, especially now that he’s beginning to shed his all-pterodactyl, all the time schtick in demand of food, clean diapers, and entertainment…

And Christopher has his moments of sweet, sincere, non-terrorizing bliss whether he’s checking out the trains at Disney World or reading out his foam letters in the bathtub…

But quiet can certainly be nice, too, and right now that’s Matthew’s thing … and I love it! 😉

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