May 2, 2017: Water Safety

All of our kids are taking swimming lessons so at some point they don’t fall into our pool and die.

So far, it’s a strategy that has worked out surprisingly well!

…although with three of them in classes now, already I’m starting to feel what it’s like to have kids in sports because it’s costing me a small fortune… 😛

Tonight we took everybody to swim class together where they all had classes focused on Water Safety Week. It’s something that the swim school does a couple of times a year to review all of the rules of the pool with the kids and also give them a chance to feel what it’s like being in the pool with their clothes on because it’s more likely than not that a kid would be dressed when he or she accidentally falls in.

Frankly, I don’t have any idea how Christopher hasn’t fallen in ours at this point! I think he might’ve gone in once, but we were right there to help and by then he’d gotten so good at swim to the wall that he was able to get back out without any help anyways. Still, between being able to navigate around the fence we had installed around the pool and then sitting down in the waterfall between our spa and pool, the kid is just asking to go in!

I’m always being reminded about just how fantastic lessons have been for him, though. The other day we were all sitting in the hot tub in the afternoon (with lukewarm water) – twins and all – and that kid made a whole routine out of jump into the water, swim the length of one side of the hot tub, then climb back out and do it all over again!

It’s good to see him having the strength to pull his entire body up out of the pool, and he’s really getting impressive with putting his face in the water while he swims … at one point he was doing it with a pacifier in his mouth. That was always my biggest struggle trying to learn how to swim and I never did get completely comfortable putting my face in .., I think at one point I realized that the stronger I kicked off the wall, the less time I had to try to breath while I was swimming, so I learned how to fake it by taking one deep breath and then just making a break for it…

And 30 years later, I still can’t swim worth a damn, so that’s what cheating gets you, kids! 😛

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