Mar 7, 2016: Swim Class


I ended up going with Sara to take Christopher to swim class this morning because she’s not supposed to do any lifting for the next week while we give the embryos a chance to take hold, and it never ceases to amaze me how much they’ve been able to teach him at such a young age when I personally have struggled with swimming pretty much my whole life!

He started taking lessons only a couple of months after he was born – we figured it was important, what with living in a state surrounded by water and also being fortunate enough to have a giant pit of the stuff right in our very own backyard! Plus, the school offers free lessons for newborns up to a certain age to help get them off to a good start, which was definitely cool…

Christopher’s First Day of Swim Class – June 2014 (mom & son far right)

Recently he actually graduated to a new class where we don’t even go in the water with him anymore, which I know has been a little tough on Sara losing that bonding time, but it’s still amazing to watch him walk off and work with the teacher on his own without either of us even being there! I still can’t believe it myself when I sit there and watch him sit on the edge of the pool without jumping in while she’s working with another kid, then jumping into the water and swimming over to her and even standing on the little platform in the middle of the pool and watching everything around him, just a-splashin’ and a-smilin’ and a-waitin’ until it’s his turn to go again! 🙂


Christopher’s current struggle is working on floating, though I watched him making some impressive progress here today, too, and it really wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not too long before he gets bumped up another level still. I think that’s the other one I saw today where the teacher literally dropped each kid into the pool to start the class … still better him than me! 😯

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  1. Patti says:

    Scott it is amazing what a small child can learn when given the right opportunity! I’m so proud of
    Christopher and his accomplishments. My grandson Mason is also taking swimming lessons and I hope he does as well as Christopher.
    Thanks for sharing…

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