Mar 3, 2016: Frozen Babies

I think this is one of my favorite photo ops of all-time … because really, how many parents can boast pictures of their children when they were literally just a ball of rapidly dividing cells only a few days after conception?!


Today is a rather important day in our latest IVF adventure, in which we’re having the two embryos that you see above tucked back inside of my wife’s mommy parts to try and get Christopher a little brother or sister!

…or potentially both – more on that later… 😛

Even in our second time around, the science of it all still amazes me. These little fellas spent the last three months in cryo after being fertilized back in November, only to be thawed out this morning for this procedure that makes having kids still a reality after several years of no such luck the old-fashioned way…

Of course, now we have a stressful eight days of waiting to endure until a pregnancy test next week reveals whether each of these guys or gals actually took or not, so that’s a bummer, but in the meantime it’s just kind of incredible to sit back and marvel at how far science has come in this particularly personal example from our own lives.

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  1. Aunt Pat says:

    OMG…I am in tears just reading this. I pray that it is a successful event and that Sara has a safe full term pregnancy!

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