Mar 4, 2016: Fresh Air

Today is just too nice of a day to not spend at least a little bit of time outside.

Spring and fall are my ideal times of year living in Florida – temperatures are in the ’70s, often coupled with a nice breeze on a sunny day, but without the gallons of sweat or torrential downpours that stem from the Sunshine State’s hottest months during the rainy season! 😎

Spending as much of my time at a desk as I do, far too often I find myself not even realizing what the weather is like outside until I walk to the car to go grocery shopping or something, so luckily today I had the unexpected opportunity to spend an hour or so sitting out and enjoying the sun while relaxing and reflecting on everything going on in life around me right now. It’s something that I need to try and make a habit of doing more because even just that short amount of time taking in the fresh air and actually absorbing a little sunshine I think did wonders for my mood now that I’m back home with a whole pile of work staring me down that will likely take me deep into the night until it’s finally time for bed!

The moral of today’s story – go outside already!!! The Internet will still be here when you get back, or if you have a good enough signal, you don’t even have to disconnect at all… 😉

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