Mar 18, 2016: Dinosaur Crayons

I wish I was five years-old again so I could’ve picked up a pack of these awesome crayons that I came across at Target today. 

I mean, it’s not like they were checking for a lack of ID at the checkout in order to be able to buy them or anything, but aside from “Oooh – pretty colors!” it’s not like I’ve colored anything in the last 25 years to warrant me buying crayons and Christopher only likes ’em right now for their waxy flavor…

That said, I did pick up this rad thing of silver silly putty and I probably spent a good twenty minutes browsing through Legos before going about my merry way, so it’s not like I’ve gone completely old and decrepit just yet. 

I also bought this really cool magnetic dry erase board that I want to use to be more productive that I’m also pretty excited about … because if there’s one thing the youngsters love, it’s productivity!

I’m gonna go drink my tea before Matlock comes on and wish that I’d invested $0.99 in a box of dinosaur crayons now if you don’t mind… 😛


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