Mar 16, 2016: Hippo Removal


Some phrases you really have to hear more than once to ever believe that you even heard them in the first place…

“Can you get the hippo out of his room while I get him ready for bed?”

The hippo. 

The TOY hippo. 

You know, as if there was any possibility in my mind that an actual hippo had somehow holed up in our son’s bedroom and my wife was pawning it off on me to get rid of like the equivalent of finding a scary bug in the corner of the room or something!

Nonetheless I was admittedly a bit happy to merely find that little, singing purple guy rather than one of the fiercest beasts in the animal kingdom … either one would’ve no doubt kept Christopher up playing half the night, but I’ve had a hard enough time navigating furniture down these halls, let alone a freaking hippopotamus… 😛

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