Mar 15, 2016: Walk the Vote


My voting precinct changed recently, so now instead of going to some random church to vote I was able to just walk down the street and vote at the community center in my subdivision.

It made me wish that we lived in an area that was a little more conducive to walking because I wouldn’t mind taking a short walk to go pick up a few groceries or a bite for lunch instead of hopping in the car and driving for ten minutes each way. Of course, I say this now when it’s only 84 degrees outside … I might give you a different answer a couple of months from now when literally just walking to the mailbox and back requires a dip in the pool afterwards!

Then again, there are worse things than being forced to go for an afternoon swim in the dead of summer… 😛

Anyways, I VOTED!

I’ve got the sticker and everything to prove it, and one thing I will say about voting pretty much anywhere that I’ve done it in Florida is that all of the people at the voting places have always been super friendly. I like that, especially since people get so charged up about politics … it’s nice to still have some people who are like, “I don’t care who you voted for – I’m just happy that you came out to vote with us today.”

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