May 13, 2016: #TeamCap ‘Til the End

So tonight was the big night – when I finally got to watch Captain America: Civil War … a whopping one week after it came out, and … I’m not really sure how much I liked it…

I mean, there were definitely some cool moments – the battle scene at the airport that was featured in the trailer, along with a few other battle scenes, and also some great quips … mostly between Cap, Falcon, and Bucky … but all the way through the end there was still this ominous feeling, that, how do I put it?

I just don’t like seeing Mom and Dad fighting, okay?! 😯

Well, the fighting itself is still kind of awesome, but there seemed to be a distinct turning point more than once where those fights turned from playful skull-bashing to I’m gonna kill you, and I’ll probably cry about it later, but I’m still gonna kill you.

Which made me somewhat uncomfortable because *I* thought that even going into this whole thing either being on #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan, that when all was said and done everyone would be buddies all over again and ***SPOILER *** that didn’t exactly happen. I mean, they sort of patched it up enough that the kids will be able to play together in future movies and all, but the battle scars were still there and in at least one case, they ended up being pretty severe.

In fact, thinking that one of the Avengers might actually die going into this movie, it scares me to say this because he’s kind of my favorite Avenger right now, but it almost would’ve made sense to just kill off Captain America like they did in the comic books and then somehow pass the shield to Bucky as a way to repay his debts for all of the evil that he’s done, almost like Black Widow’s backstory.

And then again, I suppose you could say that by the end of Civil War, Captain America kind of did die and whoever we see Steve Rogers resurface as in the two-part Infinity War blowout could be a superhero entirely different from the man built to serve his country that then turned on him and eventually made him a criminal for doing the right thing…

I don’t know – I guess it was just tough to see the final, bloody exchange between Steve and Tony because those wounds certainly cut through to the bone. On the positive, Black Panther ended up being pretty cool, we got to see a little love connection between Steve and Sharon Carter … even if it was at the sacrifice of Peggy Carter (who’s show on ABC just got cancelled – WTF, man?!), and needless to say without offering up many more spoilers, Giant-Man was easily the highlight of the huge airport battle!!!

Like easily better than Spider-Man’s bizarre, childish appearance was…

I think I would argue that Ant-Man was better in this movie than he was in his own – sure didn’t expect to be saying that after watching Civil War! 😯

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