May 11, 2016: Hot and Bubbly


(photo from a regular, old bathtime earlier this week because I totally forgot to take pictures in the hot tub … in the dark)

Tonight I took Christopher in the hot tub, which apparently is actually a pretty controversial thing – to take a toddler, or roughly anyone under the age of 35, into the jacuzzi – but he still seems to be alive and had a great time, so whatevs!

Besides, I’m not sure if he spent more than a cumulative five minutes in the water anyways – because he’s tall enough to stand on the seating area in the water, he seemed to get the biggest kick out of just climbing in and out of the hot tub over and over again. He would literally climb out from one corner, then run back to the other and climb back in, play with his toys while he walked in the water from one side to the other, and then climbed out all over again.

Hey, it kept him entertained and relatively contained, which in my parenting book is damn near as close to sublime happiness as you can get!

Of course, when we were finally ready to get out, he eluded me as I was holding out his towel and made a bee-line for the doggy door, booking it through the house in his soaking wet diaper until I was finally able to catch him hiding in the back of my closet.

How come the Mommy Guardians of the Internet didn’t have anything to say to warn me about that?! 😯

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