May 19, 2016: Flyin’ High, Super FX-Style

On a whim after actually getting my humor column for this week done not only on-time, but in fact early, I decided to dust off the old Super Nintendo and splurge on a video game that I haven’t played in god knows how long – Star Fox!

I still remember getting this game when it first got released for the SNES back in 1993. We had traveled with my Dad downstate for some sales conference that he had to go to for work, or maybe it was a medical thing for my Mom … either way, knowing that we’d be spending an entire week stuck in a hotel, my parents took me to Toys ‘R Us and let me pick out a game to help keep me occupied and because it was brand-new and its 3D-rendered graphics were all the hype, I chose Star Fox.

And frankly, they could’ve just left me alone with that game in the hotel room for the rest of the week because I was instantly hooked … although admittedly most video games had that effect on me at this particular stage in my childhood development! 🙂

I’ve got to say, the game still holds up surprisingly well despite those amazing graphics now paling in comparison to what modern systems do with ease. I will admit that I did choose to play on the easiest of the three routes that your team has to pick from … because it’d been a long time since I’d sat in the cockpit of an Arwing, mind you! But even still, I ended up getting all the way to the end with relative ease, with Andross himself (the final boss) being the only one that I wasn’t able to defeat.

Still, it was a nice 15-20 minutes of fun that I frankly don’t take the time to enjoy these days, despite literally having my old school TV and console sitting five feet away from my desk in my office! I probably need to look into cleaning out my Super Nintendo if I want to do it much more because it did take a while to get it to work at the start … the power would come on, but it wouldn’t send a video signal to the TV … and while I’m doing that, maybe I’ll end up dusting off the old 8-bit Nintendo so that I can reward myself with even more nostalgia in the bizarre event that I actually get done what I’m supposed to be working on in time for a change!!! 😀

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