June 17, 2016: Spy Game


“Hey, wait a minute – that’s my room!”

Let’s just be honest – eventually one of these days our son is going to make that correlation when he’s staring into the baby monitor receiver in our bedroom, although in our defense I’m kind of surprised that he hasn’t gotten any sort of clue already when you take into account the creepy, green eye of the camera that occasionally pans the room looking for him.

Every now and then he unassumingly ends up in one of its blindspots and I can’t help but think that there is where he plans his various escape plans, particularly after the other night’s plot.

I suppose if I notice a poster of Rita Hayworth pinned up in the corner of Christopher’s room, I should probably be a little more diligent warden and take a look before the boy goes and takes his freedom by force!

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