June 18, 2016: Mac & Cheese & Mini-Shrimp & Words


With tomorrow being Father’s Day filled with family plans and whatnot, today was pretty much my busy writing day for the weekend.

Ever have one of those days when you know that you have to eat, yet you really want to work on whatever it is that you’re supposed to work on and you just hate to waste an entire twenty minutes throwing together something to eat?! That’s how I was today … breakfast was a simple muffin / banana / fruit juice combo that was simple enough, but come lunch/dinner time (because I got up horrendously late), I found myself faced with this conundrum. I ended up making this chipotle mac & cheese that I’d found at the store about a week ago, spiced up even further with some rapidly thawed salad shrimp.

It was … alright.

But anyways, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my humor column lately, if you haven’t noticed … but hopefully you have. I’ve been writing it consistently again for about two months now and it’s really been a lot of fun to work on, both in coming up with new stuff to write about each week as well as actually/finally putting some planning into other projects that I’ve talked about doing now for years, but never really took the initiative to get underway…

One of these many things is my third humor collection, which is almost a little sad because it really doesn’t take that much effort when you think about it because all of the columns are already written! We’re just talking about a few nights here or there to pick the columns that I want to use out, organize them into chapters, and then make one final proofreading effort before a long day … yet still only a single day’s work … of assembling the final files and uploading them to their respective websites.

So that effort, I would say, is roughly 1/3 completed – I’m currently still sorting columns out into chapters, but I’ve got a good outline and everything is flowing smoothly.

Also, anyone who follows me on Twitter might have noticed that I also happened to finish the first draft of said humor collection’s book cover this evening!

I’m shooting for a mid-summer release, so stay tuned for that. 😀

One last humor column note – I was particularly proud of my column for this week, as I used it to talk about several of the tragic events that have taken place here in Florida over the last week. At first I had something completely different planned for this week, but the more I found myself shaken up by everything that’s happened, I felt like I wanted to do something bigger … which admittedly presents all sorts of challenges when you’re writing humor, but at the end of my writing session I ended up being super happy with how it turned out, so I hope that you’ll take a look and if you enjoyed it, you’ll share it around with all of your friends and family, too!

Florida, Strong and Weird

I think that’s it for tonight – TTFN… 😉

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