June 15, 2016: Gate Breach


This day was bound to come eventually, though I’d hoped we’d have at least a few more months of sanity. 

Long ago, we decided to put a gate up at Christopher’s bedroom door to keep him somewhat contained during bedtime and nap time. 

And today he confirmed that he’s now big enough to completely circumvent that gate!

I’ve been trying to assess our other containment options, but so far it looks pretty grim. I already tried raising it up a few inches to prevent him from scaling it, but instead the kid just shimmied right under as if I’d forgotten that he’d just spent a year of his life crawling and had plenty of practice leading up to this very moment…

We do have a second, identical gate that in theory we could stack on top of this one … with the risk of making our son’s bedroom start to resemble Alcatraz. 

The other option would be to give up this gate altogether, lock the remaining doors in the hallway, and then fall back to the gate at the kitchen … accepting the fact that he may very well spend all night running up and down the hallway instead of sleeping. 

Nobody prepared me for this side of parenting. Who knew that in addition to handling feeding and poopy diapers and ball pit clean up, I’d also have to be well versed in the skills of a jailer?

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