June 14, 2016: Registration for Two


I told my wife at one point that doing the whole baby gift registry thing seemed a lot more fun the first time.

I figure that could’ve been for a couple of different reasons…

  • I was mostly on Christopher duty, so pushing him around in the cart and keeping him occupied held a higher priority in my head than choosing from a variety of nursing pillows.
  • I honestly thought that having already been through this once, we really had most of the stuff already.
  • And most likely, it also being our second pass … I don’t exactly expect many gifts from friends and family this time around, and the mental price tally in my head on top of the other preggo expenses that we’re already anticipating was taking its toll. 🙁

There are definitely days when I’m more or less ok with the idea of suddenly adding TWO MORE KIDS to this family a mere five months from now, and there are also days when I’m an absolute wreck wondering how it’s all going to come together to the point where I might have to ask my therapist if she just has some sort of live-in or on-call, 24×7 rate that we can work out come the end of October! 😛

I think the tough part about the baby registry for twins is that even though we have a bunch of the stuff that we need already, the things that we don’t need … or that we need two of now, are the more expensive ones. The crib, the bouncers, the car seats, and don’t even get me started about the freaking strollers …  apparently when you’ve got three kids all still in strollers, your choices are either a single and a double OR a triple stroller that I don’t even know why it exists because there’s no way I can do enough exercise between now and then to even be able to push the thing!!!

The other option is to just absent-mindedly leave one of the kids home every single time I go anywhere for the next five or six years, but I have a feeling Sara will probably catch on to that one sooner or later. It’s just nuts, and I’m even getting worked up about it now just thinking about it after the fact…

I know it’ll all come together in time. It’s just nutso to think about the money aspect of tres kiddos sometimes because it reminds me of a friend I grew up with who was one of five children in his house, and let’s just say that there wasn’t anything that their family didn’t buy in bulk – it wasn’t even an option for them!

Maybe that’s the problem – do I need to make a trip to Sam’s Club or Costco or something?

Do either of them sell strollers or cribs in a convenient six-pack that I could split up in the parking lot with a couple of other panic-driven fathers of twins???

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