June 16, 2016: No Hitting

What is it about little boys loving to hit things and people and pretty much anything they come into contact with???

I don’t think *I* was particularly violent as a child, although there was that one time that I accidentally hit one of the neighbor kids in the head with a baseball bat, which I promise you was in reality a lot less fucked up than it probably sounds just reading those words there on the screen! 😯

Ok, well I suppose it was still pretty fucked up… 😕

Regardless, Christopher seems to be going through this phase right now where I find myself saying, “No hitting!” a lot more often than I would prefer. Sometimes he’s hitting the dog, a lot of the time he’s hitting Sara or I, and occasionally he’s even just beating two random objects together that he found laying around the house … which is actually the tamest option in comparison to the other scenarios that involve living, breathing people and animals.

I think we’d both like to think that most of the hitting is just out of frustration because he’s not talking yet, so he really doesn’t have any other way to express himself when he’s upset … it tends to happen when you correct him on something or take something away, so that sort of makes sense. Or he could just be a raging inferno of anger in the body of a two year-old, in which case maybe we’re all just lucky that he’s not older and bigger to where his mighty blows would feel like anything more than just tiny slaps!

As a side note – why do toy hammers even exist at all if we don’t want our children to hit things with them when that’s literally the entire reason that hammers were invented as a tool in the first place??? 😐

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