September 22, 2016: It’s Beginning to Feel a Little Like Christmas…

And I’m not saying this just because Walmart has already managed to start squeezing in a few aisles of Christmas decorations here and there amongst the fall and Halloween decor – don’t think we didn’t notice, Big Blue!

Nonetheless, despite all of the zany chaos over the last month or so, I’ve kind of been feeling like my favorite holiday is on it’s way … possibly because regardless of everything that’s got us trapped in a whirlwind right now, I’ve got it on good authority to say that by Christmastime things around the Sevener household should be fairly swell. The twins will have been home for a while and we’ll have had a chance to get them all settled in, the hospital and all of its trips and bills and sterile happenings will be long behind us, and with a little luck we should be free to enjoy the Christmas holiday season as one BIG happy family like we’ve kind of grown accustomed to over the years! 😉

We’ve already got a week-long trip to Disney booked to take in all of the festivities over there, which will likely end up being the twins’ first trip to WDW.

There have been random talks about having family come down to celebration their first Christmas with us.

And not for nothing, but I really think that this year Christmas is going to be pretty awesome for Christopher, too! He’s two years old, he’s starting to talk, and he gets that wonder in his eyes that make me curious to see how he reacts to presents under the tree once Santa comes to grace us with his goodies and treats!

I love Christmastime, so maybe it’s just me eagerly looking forward to a time when the stress will be a bit less … or at the very least different … and everyone will be under the same roof and we’ll get a chance to celebrate our expanding family with cookies and carols and nostalgic Christmas specials that they’ll all be able to recite word for word by the time I’m done with them… 😉

♫ But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door… ♫

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