September 20, 2016: I Can’t Be Sick Right Now…

And yet here we are – I’ve got a million and one things to do, I’ve got two newborns in the NICU and a recovering wife home to take care of … and suddenly I’m sicker than a dog.


Truth be told, Christopher and I have both been sort of harboring this coughing thing for the better part of a month, but it hasn’t really been that bad so in the grand scheme of things I didn’t worry too much about us passing it back and forth because our focus was really on just keeping the ship afloat while Sara let the boys brew from the safety of her hospital bed.

But something happened recently where suddenly it’s gotten a lot worse – nothing but coughing, but lots of coughing … enough to make even talking difficult at times, and it’s starting to get painful between the coughs themselves and the ones bad enough to shake my brain and give me a headache… 🙁

Of course, all of this and it’s hard to get much sympathy from the girl lying next to me literally with staples in her belly from when she was cut open less than a week ago!

This seriously needs to pass quick – we gots too much baby preppin’ and cleanin’ and whatever else I was supposed to do last week but didn’t due to that chaos’in to do here. 😯

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