September 17, 2016: Trapped in the Hospital

So last night was an interesting night!

As one would expect, we’ve pretty much spent every waking moment at the hospital over the last couple of days with the arrival of the twins and all, and for the most part that’s honestly been pretty manageable. Between Sara’s post-delivery room now and even the labor/delivery room that she spent the last month in, the rooms in that wing of the hospital are bigger than some hotel rooms that we’ve stayed in – with plenty of room for Christopher to run around, areas for me to setup my computer and work here and there, private bathrooms, etc…

Occasionally their wifi can be a bit of a pain just because you have to authenticate in a browser and it is pretty eager to drop connections and make you re-authenticate if you’re not active the whole time…

…yet last night’s issues honestly started simply with the wifi randomly dropping out and causing me to grumble as I had to fall back on LTE which Verizon has been generously enjoying my over-usage of with all of my local travels this month! 😛

It wasn’t until an hour or two later that we learned it wasn’t nearly just the wifi that was down, but in fact a lot of important computer systems around the women’s center were affected … not the ones where patient info is stored or anything, but you know, ummm – DOORS AND ELEVATORS – and that proved to certainly be more than enough!!!

You see, to avoid that pesky problem of people stealing babies or whatever happens, the security system is a bit tighter around the women’s center … fair enough.

Where that becomes a problem is when the system malfunctions … and locks all of the magnetic doors shut … and freezes all of the elevators … and you happen to be sitting in a room on the fourth floor of the building wondering how you’re going to get down!

Thankfully the security system wasn’t intermingled with the air conditioning systems as well, so it could’ve been a lot worse, though it did get comical when my sister and her family showed up to visit and we had to walk down the stairs and outside the building to go get them from the lobby. 😯

Needless to say, I was grateful to see that by the time 1am rolled around and it was time to head home, everything had been restored after some 6 hours of confinement … though the elevator did make me a bit nervous when it threw an alarm that one of the nurses had to clear before we could actually take it the four stories back down to the sweet, sweet ground level!

Better safe than sorry when it comes to preventing the theft of babies, I guess?

That said, there was certainly a moment during the fun when I was sitting with my back to the glass windows in Sara’s room, and it was dark outside, and it was raining, and we had just been told that the doors and elevators were offline … and I couldn’t help but make the connection that all our little adventure was missing was a hungry T-Rex breathing just outside of the window behind me.

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