September 18, 2016: Up in the Sky

Who knew that things happen really early in the morning while I’m still very happily tucked into my bed?!

Today I had to drive my mother-in-law to the airport … at 5:30 in the morning … and though the early departure itself was certainly less than ideal, it was kind of neat to come home to find a veritable fleet of hot air balloons taking off quite literally over our house!

In chatting with the neighbor for a brief minute, apparently they do this every Sunday morning and all of this time I’ve been none the wiser. I’ve always thought that it’d be neat to take a hot air balloon ride, but I’m not sure whether my fear of heights could handle it – especially seeing as how my last trip up in The Orlando Eye a couple of weeks ago left me a little anxious with kids randomly wandering around the car… 🙁

Still, pretty sky balloons!

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