October 7, 2016: Fast Clouds

The waiting room here outside of the NICU has these huge windows that offer a great view of the sky, and it’s kind of crazy how the clouds almost look like they’re moving in fast forward in front of me right now.

I suppose 25 mph winds will do that for you!

Thankfully Hurricane Matthew’s impact here on Florida’s west coast was pretty mild – it’s pretty windy today, and yesterday we saw a lot of rain, but certainly nothing in comparison to what people in Orlando and even more so in Palm Beach saw. I saw tweet earlier saying that something like 360,000 people in Florida are currently without power and the storm still has to pass by Jacksonville, though hopefully it’ll continue to lose strength and drift further away from shore along the way.

Maybe it’s the absence of rain that’s admittedly refreshing after the last couple of days, but in a way it’s kind of relaxing just sitting here watching the clouds blow by … something that I honestly don’t spend a whole lot of time doing! Call it the calm after the storm, or perhaps even the calm before an entirely different storm once the twins are finally able to come home and suddenly this whole I now have THREE children thing becomes all the more real.

Whatever – it’s peaceful to watch, and given everything else going on, I’ll take it. 😉

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