October 6, 2016: Don’t Be a Hurricane Idiot…

People like the ones in this story really make me hate parts of humanity…

Some Daytona Beach Residents Ride Out Hurricane Matthew Despite Warnings

If you live 200 feet from the Atlantic Ocean, and there’s a category 4 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean, you move your ass. You don’t whip out the board games, and load your 45 to protect against looters – you leave.

…especially if you literally lost your last home IN THAT SAME PLACE to a hurricane a decade ago!!!


It’s like a lot of people get put off by storm preparation if the storm ends up going around them or being weaker than predicted, kind of like folks who think that they somehow got gypped if they pay for insurance but never use it.

Newsflash – that’s a good thing!

Look at the photos of Hurricane Matthew’s devastating effects on Haiti where already almost 300 people have died and they’re still finding bodies in the water. Or if you want to argue that Haiti is a third-world country – America is nothing like Haiti, read this intense account of one reporter’s coverage of Hurricane Andrew which leveled Florida City back in the early ’90s.

That’s rubble, because it’s tough to make buildings that can withstand 150 mph winds and 10 feet of water flowing through their foundation. And maybe it’s not always that bad, but sometimes it is … or worse.

Ask the people of New Orleans about Hurricane Katrina – remember that one from 2005???

Please, if you live anywhere in the path of this monster, don’t be an idiot and don’t be complacent. If officials tell you to leave, you leave, because insurance can replace your home but it can’t replace YOU.

…though if you’re dumb enough to want to hang around and play Battleship while there’s a hurricane at your doorstep… 🙁

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