October 8, 2016: Goat! See?


Today we took Christopher to a local farm to do your typical fall festival-type stuff … for about an hour … because farms are hot.

It wasn’t as good as the one that we went to last year – they had some animals to pet and feed, and Christopher got to ride a pony (which he loved), and then he rode this tractor/train thing around with his aunt once, and then we left. Apparently they also had a pumpkin patch somewhere, but there was very little shade and shade is pretty much essential to going outside in Florida … even in the middle of fall!

I don’t really know how farm animals work, per se, but I was kind of surprised to see very little supervision around the petting zoo area aside from the lady selling food for $1. People were free to just climb in the cages – “with adult supervision” – and pretty much do whatever they wanted. Maybe sheep and goats and tiny horses are fairly durable – I don’t know – but at one point I noticed a sign that said that the food they were giving out was only to be fed to the sheep and goats…

…and then not more than five minutes later, I overheard something kinda funny. Another guest asked where the carrots were that we could feed the animals, to which the lady replied confused that they didn’t have any carrots for feed. It was kind of shrugged off, only for me to notice a family discretely feeding the animals carrots that they’d I guess smuggled in themselves or something???

Who smuggles contraband food into a petting zoo?!

Then again, I know next to squat about farm animals and the farm in general, so for all I know maybe it’s not possible to “overfeed” or “misfeed” farm animals, and at least they were vegetables instead of a pepperoni pizza or something, so at least they got a nice dose of vitamin A out of it!

…although right before we left, this goat tried to eat one of Sara’s bags – maybe he didn’t like carrots after all… 😛

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