October 20, 2016: Holy Frozen Breastmilk, Batman!

This week we did something that is a parenting first for us even after having been parents for some 2.5 years now.

We bought a new freezer expressly for the purpose of freezing breastmilk!

Back when the twins were just born, I recall casually chatting with Sara and one of the NICU nurses about breastfeeding because Sara had just started to pump, and the nurse had tossed out the idea of picking up a small freezer – possibly from another mom who didn’t need it anymore – because breastmilk could take up a lot more room than you’d think and no man wants to be faced with the question of whether to throw out his children’s sustenance or that stack of party pizzas he just picked up to fuel himself through the weekend!

At the time we shrugged it off as an interesting idea to revisit later, and then didn’t think much about it for a couple of weeks until Sara’s milk production slowly crept higher and higher … to the point where it’s seriously challenging not to make cow jokes based on the amount of milk that this woman is outputting these days! 😯

And the thing is, it’s not like the boys aren’t drinking their milk, either – a couple of days ago when I had to take that impromptu road trip at 11:30pm, that was to deliver breastmilk to the NICU because they were almost out. I took them a plastic grocery bag that was filled to the brim with little sacks of frozen breastmilk, and today during our visit they mentioned that we need to bring another shipment tomorrow because all of that is almost gone…

😯 😯 😯

For the mathematicians in the crowd, currently our twin boys together are drinking something like 675 ml of breastmilk each day, whereas my wife is outputting closer to 1,500 ml … every single day!

For those of us heathens who weren’t lucky enough to be educated with the metric system, that’s an excess of about 28 oz of breastmilk every single day, or one and a half GALLONS a week. 😯

So tonight we started putting our new breastmilk freezer to work, thus reclaiming a good half of our normal freezer and almost immediately refilling it with junk food that neither of us should really be eating, but hey, at least the boys will be eating better for quite some time.

Plus, we figured that a few years from now when they’ve both moved on to messier and more expensive foods, there’s really no reason why we can’t just stuff the whole thing with frozen pizzas and ice cream, which is really a gigantic win for Team Sevener in general as far as I’m concerned!

A freezer just for breastmilk … who would’ve thought? 😉

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