November 5, 2016: Christmas Bells Are Ringing … Already?!


Admittedly it was a little weird seeing the icicle lights up on the Castle this evening, much less the giant Christmas tree on Main Street and all of the assorted wreaths and garlands to boot … and yet in a way it was also kind of nice.

…because not for nothing, but I think I could sit there and listen to Christmas music while those lights change colors pretty much all night long and be perfectly content with it… 😉

It’s hard to believe that it’s November already, granted partially because near daily trips to the hospital have been my norm for something like two and a half months now! In fact, it was really weird because today we took David over to the Magic Kingdom for his first trip and he’s technically 7 weeks old, even though we’ve really only had the kid home for two days.

Time is weird and confusing and right now we’re just trying to take each moment for what it is because we have reason to believe that it will still be weird and confusing for another month or two here before things finally settle down and we can try to start figuring out what normal is supposed to be like in our new household of five!

As it is, pushing two instead of one around the Magic Kingdom this evening was a bit different – not too bad because even though we have a new double stroller, Sara still carried David in her harness thingy half the time anyways, but it’s still hard to picture how this is exactly going to work when we’ve got yet another one to juggle on top of these two… 😛

Anywho, for David’s inaugural trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth he rode the carousel and Dumbo, and he slept through Wishes … and that’s about it! Really, if we’re being honest he pretty much slept through just about everything, which was to be expected, but it was a nice evening out nonetheless and Christopher got to run around a bit to burn off some energy before being terrified by the fireworks,  so that was nice.

He’s getting to the stage where he’s rather a handful to keep track of in the longer lines, so multiply that by three and you can see why I’m a little nervous to see how this plays out once his new brothers get a little older … so I suppose in the meantime maybe we should cherish this time when all they do is eat and sleep and mostly sleep for a while longer after all… 😉

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