November 21, 2016: Happy Homecoming

I can’t believe we got the whole family to fit!!!

It probably wasn’t the best approach to not bother trying to fit all three car seats into our SUV until we were literally ready to go pick Matthew up from the hospital, but you can see here that despite the snug packing job with Christopher now promoted to the middle seat, everybody fit … for the most part!

Some 67 days after he was born and 18 days all by his lonesome after his brother got to come home earlier this month, we were finally able to bring our beloved, little “Baby B” home and just in time to gobble up some turkey this week for Thanksgiving. 🙂 This kid definitely had the harder time of the two – when he was born he was half the size of his brother, and I think just about every update call made had us on the edge of our seat because his oxygen dependency kept jumping back and forth, among other issues…

Thankfully now he’s home and aside from a few minor follow-ups in December and January, it looks like our biggest struggles to look forward to will be fitting our new cavalcade of children into the car whether we’re heading to the store or over to Disney or heaven forbid even an out of state road trip at some time in our future! In only a few weeks, in fact, we’ll see our first real attempt at this as we head over to Disney for a full week for our Christmas vacation where admittedly I’m not quite sure at this point how we’re going to fit suitcases and a double-stroller and bassinets and all of the other crap that seems to travel with us for an extended stay at Disney World!

If we do manage to strap everything in, boy, do I pity the valet guy who has to push that luggage cart up to our room because there’s no way in hell that I’m doing it with a newborn on each arm… 😛

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