November 22, 2016: Synchronicity

We’ve had both of the twins home together for barely 24 hours at this point, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned already, it’s that we’re going to have to find a way to sync these swings so that they move together or it’s going to drive my OCD absolutely bonkers! 😛

It doesn’t help that they’re two completely different brands and styles of swings, and one of them has this weird timer thing on it where it stops swinging after 30 – 60 minutes whereas the other one swings to infinity and beyond. Maybe I could just run one of them at a time and tie a rope between them, pending the weight capacity of the stronger swing, or possibly crank up the juice going to the slower one Tim Allen-style … assuming it doesn’t accidentally fling one of the children out the window… 😮

Still, I suppose they were pretty good purchases considering that so far the twins have spent roughly 70% of their time sleeping in them, plus we got a really good deal on them from Babies ‘R Us because in addition to our gift registry discounts, apparently they’ve also got a deal where parents of twins can get 10% off any item that they buy two of! That was nice, albeit it was a gigantic pain in the butt for the cashiers to figure out how to ring up during checkout.

In a way it reminds me of how I feel bad not having a bigger backyard so that Christopher could have a swingset of his own to play on, to the point where the other day I actually had this (impractical) idea of cleaning out the garage and putting down outdoor carpet so that we could turn it into a little place for him to play with his outdoor toys without us having to worry about him running into the street or whatnot. But it’s not air conditioned out there and it’s super-duper messy, so at that rate we’re probably better shooting for just buying a new house altogether or at least buying our neighbor’s house and knocking down the fence to double the size of our yard! 😛

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