May 7, 2016: Happy Birthday, Isaac!


Any day that feeds me cupcakes and pizza is typically deemed to be a pretty good day, but this particular Saturday found itself to be extra special because it also just so happened to be my nephew Isaac’s first birthday!!!

It isn’t often that a kid gets to celebrate his first birthday, and for the record I think that Isaac had a pretty good showing for his own inaugural event. Lots of friends and family, minimal (if any?) tantrums, and the whole thing ended with him smashing his very own cake … even if it was made with unicorn dandruff and the hopes and dreams of other birthday cakes because that poor kid happens to be allergic to just about everything else… 😥

Of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday without presentswhich Uncle Scott and Aunt Sara somehow managed to fail miserably at by accidentally picking 2 out of 2 gifts that we quickly observed on the floor of his playroom no more than 7 minutes after we had arrived. But then again, that just means that he gets to take them back and instead pick out anything else in the store that he wants, which in my book come to think of it might actually be even better!

And as possibly the most important part of the festivities (aside from the smash cake, that is), young Isaac’s Doljanchi featured him choosing a ball of thread from the assortment of fortunes laid out for him, thus predicting for him a long life … or possibly that he’s actually just part cat.

I’m not sure – the Korean tradition is a bit fuzzy on that part… 😉

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