May 8, 2016: Super Mom

My wife is pretty swell at this whole motherhood thing, and not just because if it was the man who was required to give birth in order to have children, well, let’s just say that this house would have a whole lot less talking animal toys scattered across its floors than it happens to have today! 😯

So today we set aside the day to celebrate her swell-ness, as one does on Mother’s Day, with a day over at Disney featuring an Incredibles-themed brunch, more sweating than we would’ve liked walking around the Magic Kingdom, followed by a sunset dinner on the water at Downtow-, err, Disney Springs! where we got to meet up with my sister – also a Momand our Mom, too.

Of course, let’s also remember that currently Sara is double pregnant … running something around 11/12 weeks, I do believe … so if anyone deserves a bit of celebrating with one on the run and another two baking in the oven, it’s definitely her. Lately I’ve felt particularly bad because it’s quite clear that 12-hour days at work are tiring her out something fierce, so it’s hard to tell how many more days wandering the parks we’ve got in our near future.

As it is, the last couple of trips have had Christopher and I riding the Tea Cups sans Mommy, but I guess it gives us a little extra bonding time while we’re spinning and spinning, so that’s cool. 😉

That said, as long as she’s not truly bedridden, I’m sure we’ll still fill this summer with our usual evenings for dinner and fireworks, and trips to the water parks for some lazy river action, and maybe even one or two more trips to DisneyQuest before that giant arcade finally closes its doors. Her main requirements mid-preggo seem to be air conditioning, plenty of breaking opportunities, and strangely enough, lots and lots of Joffrey’s Tea from the new Tea Traders Cafe at Disney Springs.

Hey – she’s worth it! 😀

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