May 6, 2016: Family Therapy

Today was a real poop of a day.

Like, one of those days when you’d prefer to just crawl back into bed and wake up on Saturday, but you can’t because … responsibilities and stuff.

So I’ve been in a pretty lousy mood as I’ve done my best to coast through the day and not upset the tides any worse than I already have, but one of the highlights surprisingly ended up being simply going out to dinner with Sara and Christopher at Cracker Barrel a little bit ago because even though I’m not really a fan of their food, it served as a nice break from reality … or escape back to reality, depending on your perspective!

It’s funny how something as silly as laughing and giggling and pushing a toy car back and forth across the table while we waited for our food could serve as therapy to help soothe the mental pains that adulthood and life in general sometimes bring about in one’s life. And it’s important to take the time to do things like this to remind myself that all of the stress is secondary to the things that are really important – even though it’s particularly hard for me to shed a lot of the stuff and it tends to latch on and bog me down for far longer than it deserves. 

As life has become more and more challenging the last couple of years, I’ve come to appreciate therapy in a variety of different forms. Sometimes it involves sitting on a couch and talking through my problems, sometimes it involves taking a few moments to reaffirm myself after a rough day, and sometimes it’s simply about giving myself permission to relax and take some time off to spend with the family, to re-center myself on the real priorities in my life…

Tonight was definitely a night for that third kind of therapy, and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling a little better now for it. 😉

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