May 5, 2016: Broken Glass

I don’t know what it is – this is seriously the second glass that I’ve broken this week! 😯

Maybe it’s somebody’s way of saying that I need to lay off the dishes for a little while, or perhaps just slow down in general. Too bad, because I actually really liked these glasses, too … even though the little divot in the bottom of them is kind of a pain in the ass because you always have to dry the water out of it by hand when you’re taking them out of the dishwasher. And sometimes that dried up soap stuff tends to settle in them, too.

Still, they were pretty…

Come to think of it, I guess there’s been a lot of broken glass around our house lately between these two drinking glasses and then Christopher finally laying to waste the Roger Rabbit snow globe of mine that he’s always been drawn to in my office, trying to pick it up and play with it despite it being way too heavy for him to lift and consistently getting dropped on the floor. Of course, this happened when I was on the phone for work and suddenly I’ve got a mess of broken glass, glitter water, and crying child at my feet as he suddenly realized and regretted what he had done … and he also wasn’t too happy about getting rapidly shuffled out of the room to avoid playing in the glass, too.


I can’t really be too mad – I mean, I’ve had the thing forever, but it’s not like I was exactly attached to it as much as it’s just sort of followed me from place to place since I first bought it … whenever that was.

I honestly more feel bad that for a brief second, he felt terrible about breaking it because for the longest time I tried to let him play with it as much as he could, whether it was just looking at it on the shelf or on the floor where he sat. It was sort of inevitable that he’d eventually break the thing – they’re not joking with that label on the bottom that says This is Not a Toy – For Decoration Only! and all…

Welcome to the real world, kid. Things break, and then we clean them up and replace them and move on with our lives. Try not to get too attached to the glasses – at least as long as they’re, well, made of glass. 😛

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