May 4, 2016: Creepy Dream Repellent 

We just finished watching Victor Frankenstein, which I had hopes for on account of its starring Harry Potter and Young Professor X … but it ended up being pretty awful. 

Also, there were parts of it that were super creepy … namely the parts containing body parts stitched together … so here I am watching a follow-up episode of The Simpsons in a vain attempt to cleanse the palate, if you will, to avoid having creepy dreams all night long about running from Frankenstein’s monster or being Frankenstein’s monster  or who even knows what?!

Admittedly the final monster kind of reminded me of one of the ones from the Resident Evil movies … the giant one from #2 that was like a super humanoid on steroids? I think my biggest problem with the movie was just that it seemed to jump around so much between Dr. Frankenstein and Igor – one minute they were cool, the next they were fighting about the morality of their creations, and then turn the page and suddenly they’d be cool as rain all over again. 

And I’m sorry, but I guess at the end of the day I just prefer my mad scientists a little more consistently crazy – none of this wishy-washy, maybe he’s normal crap… 😉

Sweet dreams!

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