Mar 28, 2016: Flight School

I’ve always liked Tampa’s airport … possibly for a lot of the same reasons I like Tampa as a city itself.

It’s big, but not so big that it’s easy to get lost and/or murdered wandering around it.

It’s typically pretty clean, as opposed to Detroit Metro which I always used to fly out of and is kind of a dump.

And it’s easy to get around like a smaller airport, but we can still fly pretty much anyplace we want to go from here without requiring a 3-4 hour car ride both to and fro!

Anyways, after dropping my Mom off to fly back home, Christopher and I had a little time to kill, so I decided to take him up to the top of the terminal to look out at the planes and maybe see a couple of them takeoff.

One of the cool memories that I have from when I first moved here was just being amazed at how close the planes would fly overhead because one of the major roads near my apartment was directly along the flightpath for their main runway, so there were times when I’d be stuck in traffic coming home from work and I could literally watch these huge planes coming in over my head as they went to land.

Not exactly the kind of aeronautic experience one gets from living in a small town in Northern Michigan, that’s for sure! 😯

I’m not sure how well he was able to zero in on the planes actually taking off because there were so many other lights and we were clearly both a little concerned about being 10 stories up on the roof of the parking garage, but it was still kind of a neat moment to be able to point out how Grandma was going to travel the 1,500 miles back to Michigan in a matter of hours and how we’ll eventually take him on a vacation out of state ourselves instead of only ever going to the airport to pick people up!

We’ll definitely have to make an effort to stop back every now and then as he gets a little older and starts to understand flying better, especially considering how much he plays with the new Duplo plane that he just got for his birthday.

Future pilot in the family??? 😉

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