Mar 27, 2016: Having a Ball!

We learned a valuable lesson today – when one desires to get nice, family photos out of a group of kids, it’s best to take those photos early in the day and not several hours past nap time…


Still, it’s nice to see that Christopher enjoys playing with his cousins now that they’re close enough that visitation doesn’t require a 2 1/2-hour plane ride and a pair of snowshoes. After not really having much family to spend the holidays with outside of Sara’s sister after she moved here a few years ago, getting together for Christmas and birthdays and whatnot has been something that we could always slug through with just us, but now that we’ve got a kid I’m glad that he’s going to have more of a chance to actually grow up with at least some of his cousins the way that both Sara and I did ourselves growing up.

Easter, as you can see from the upside-down expression, was pretty lax – featuring simply a bit of ham and some hidden eggs and one last chance for Grandma to spend time with all of her grandkids before she has to head on back home tomorrow. Christopher did a surprisingly good job at hunting for Easter eggs, even though he couldn’t really care less what was inside them, and it was nice to see that his cousin Madelyn was super good at sharing with him when she would find them before him, too!

Now that he’s starting to become more alive with regards to presents and discovering things, it should make for an entirely new experience seeing him walk out on Christmas morning this year in all of his toddling glory!!! 😀

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