Mar 26, 2016: Boy Builder

It’s good to be the birthday boy!

Christopher got so many Duplos for his birthday – I think we’re going to be building trains and rocket ships and wildlife refuges for the next year! Though granted for now we seem to just be getting really good at building gigantic towers…

In fact, I started building a few parts of one of his new sets earlier this evening and his first action upon seeing my work was to tear everything back apart and spread all of the bricks around the floor like toddlers do. It was actually pretty hilarious to watch – my beautifully constructed Duplo tree being reduced to studded rubble far more quickly than it took me to build in the first place, but nonetheless generating plenty more than the requisite amount of joy from the birthday boy to make it all worthwhile anyways.

I’ve got to admit that I kind of love how he’s been getting more and more into playing with his Duplos lately … sometimes it’s driving the little cars around, sometimes it’s building his towers, and a whole lot of just putting a few bricks together and taking them back apart again. But that’s how it starts – first you learn how the bricks fit together, then you start building things, and they get a little bigger and more imaginative, and the next thing you know you’ve got starships hanging from your ceiling and a fleet of pirate ships stationed on shelves over your bed. 😀

♫ Everything is Awesome… ♫

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