Mar 25, 2016: Life is Like a Boat


Sometimes things manage to stay remarkably on course, and sometimes the lady in front of you does a 180 and runs into your boat head-on while also blocking the entire waterway for ancillary boaters even further upstream…

So today is Christopher’s 2nd birthday!

We’re actually breaking up the festivities over several days – yesterday was family photos at the beach, today featured a trip to Legoland that remained mostly rain free, and tomorrow is his birthday party down at the farm. So we’ve got a busy schedule, but nevertheless, one doesn’t exactly turn TWO every day. 🙂

Amidst everything else going on lately, I just can’t help from repeating how amazing it is how much he’s grown in the last year – not even the obvious stuff like size, but seeing his own personality continuing to develop, and his sense of humor, and even his neuroses … because he wouldn’t be a proper member of the family without ’em!

* * *

One was a fun year for me. We honestly bonded a lot more than redid when he was still a newborn, a little bit of the pressure was off by that point, and now we’ve actually been able to do things together whether it’s playing cars or building with Duplos or even just being silly walking through the grocery store. 

Those are some of my favorite times! 😉

So I hope that two doesn’t end up being quite as terrible as they say … I’m sure there will be a bit, just because learning boundaries is important at any age … and plus he’ll hopefully have another sibling or two on the way here shortly, too … but I look forward to exploring new things with him a whole bunch. 

Today at Legoland, he seemed pretty impressed watching the Millennium Falcon takeoff in Miniland, which means it’s probably time for us to watch Star Wars one of these nights while Mom is at work! 

Maybe we can build some Duplo rocket ships while we’re at it. That sounds like fun. 🙂

Happy Birthday, buddy…

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