Mar 22, 2016: Sicko


Of all the firsts that I’ve enjoyed seeing Christopher experience over the last two years, his first time throwing up most certainly isn’t one of them … and yet here we are, a week before the little guy’s second birthday and he’s barely been able to keep anything but Pedialyte down the last couple of days…

And not for nothing, but at $6 a bottle that stuff is expensive!!! 😯

I mean, I hate throwing up just as much as the next guy, but I can’t even imagine what it must be like doing it for the very first time – the look on the poor kid’s face was one of pure shock as one minute his belly was rumbly and the next he was drenched in pretty much everything he’d eaten for the last couple of hours.

I’m sad to say that he’s since done it several times – the latest being when we were looking at kids books with Grandma earlier this evening … happy fun time very randomly turned to intense crying as we looked to see him covered in a slurry of mashed up french fries dyed red with the cranberry juice he’d been drinking. Surprisingly he was a real trooper once we escaped to the restroom to strip him down and get him cleaned up – I just really hope whatever he’s got clears up in the next day or two so that he’s feeling better for his actual birthday party on Saturday… 😥

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