Mar 23, 2016: 24 Hours in Bed (Almost)

The human body wasn’t meant to spend an entire day at a time in bed … as much as I certainly do love my sleep from time to time!

So yesterday was a bit rough when that nasty bug that the kid drudged his way through managed to snake its way back through the rest of the family, thus putting both his Mom and me out of commission for what ended up being a rather long and uncomfortable day. Not sure I’ll be too eager to rush back to that particular GrillSmith any time in the near future, either, though my gut tells me that it was probably the bug and not so much the food’s fault…

Aside from the intense vomiting, however I would argue that the second worst part was actually trying to fall asleep the night after because I’d literally spent so much time in bed that I couldn’t find a way to get comfortable for more than about five minutes before finally popping a couple of Tylenol at four in the morning. Talk about real torture – wanting to fall asleep, but just physically not being able to. 🙁

Thankfully, things were looking much better today, suggesting that this may just have been a 24-hour bug after all. Can’t have the whole family sick for Christopher’s SECOND birthday and all!

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