Mar 21, 2016: Cutting Nails

There was a time when my wife and I actually tried cutting our dog’s nails ourselves, but that was long ago and frankly, I don’t miss those times one bit!

It was a horrible process, so we didn’t do it very often … which also coincidentally resulted in it being a horrible process. It literally took two of us to do because I would have to tackle the dog on the bed and pin her down while my wife would then carefully try to cut each nail one by one, taking great care to avoid hitting the quick that would send her into a frenzy even more than being sat on by a 250-pound human in the first place.

None of us enjoyed it and we honestly didn’t even do that good of a job because she squirmed so much throughout the process, so basically we’d both get covered in scratches for the result of marginally trimming down her nails that would likely grow back in less than a week anyways… 😥

Then we discovered that for about fifteen bucks the people at PetCo will do it for us, and we don’t get scratched up at all, and her nails stay not scratchy for upwards of a month, and there was much rejoicing!!!

Granted, her first time was a bit of a trial because she got nippy and they made her wear a muzzle, but I just took her today and other than a little whimpering, it was a piece of cake!

They should seriously tell you about this service when you go to buy those worthless nail clippers that they sell … maybe don’t even bother stocking them and instead just hang a flier for their nail trimming service on that hook on the rack. I wish I’d have learned about it the day we adopted Cleo because nowadays you couldn’t pay me to try cutting a dog’s nails myself again… 😛

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