Mar 11, 2016: Big Brother

So that thing I wrote about last week?

The thing that resulted in enormous stress over the last eight days???



😯 😯 😯

We ended up spending the day over at Epcot to help distract us from the anxiety, and then around 1:30pm the doctor’s office called to say that the blood test Sara took this morning came back positive…

…FOR A BABY!!!!!

It’ll be a couple more weeks before we know whether both embryos took or only one … I still can’t quite fathom having TWINS because Christopher lately has been enough of a handful on his own, but I suppose it’s time to start getting seriously ready for that possibility! 

They do say that multiples are A LOT more likely with IVF. 

So Christopher’s going to be a big brother, and I’m going to be a Daddy … AGAIN!!! 😯

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