Mar 10, 2016: Sriracha Shrimp


I like this meal because it’s super easy, and I think it’s pretty healthy, too.

Throw a pound of shrimp in a frying pan with some olive oil, apply liberal doses of Garlic Sriracha Seasoning, and dump them over whatever rice or frozen veggies you can nuke while the shrimp are cooking. I’ve also done steamed broccoli with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese in the past, though that takes an extra pot to put together and it simply wasn’t in the cards for dinner this particular evening!

I need to make an effort to find more “15-minute meals” like this one because often I’m just far too busy/lazy to cook a proper dinner, which results both in myself and the boy (when Sara is working) eating less desirable foods that honestly probably doesn’t even taste nearly as good to boot!

Last night Sara made a really simple curry chicken that ended up being pretty good … what I need to do is just sit down for an hour or two and actually put together a proper recipe book like I keep saying I need to so that I’ve got a goto place where I can turn for meals to slowly steer away from the frozen pizzas and hotdogs that are otherwise likely to lead me to my untimely demise… 😯

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