Mar 9, 2016: Dad’s Root Beer


I’ve never really been a fan of traditional beer. I went through a phase in my early 20’s when I would drink the occasional Corona, but nowadays I don’t even much have the taste for that unless I’m specifically having seafood and there’s Jimmy Buffett music playing in the background. 😎

So that being said, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised when my brother-in-law moved 1,400 miles closer last fall and in turn introduced me to this new-ish brand of alcoholic root beer that has just enough alcohol in it to give me a buzz (because I’m a tremendous light-weight), but more so has a really nice root beer emphasis so it doesn’t end up tasting like the majority of beers that have turned me off over the years.

What’s funny is that about a month later he came to me with a different one – Anheuser-Busch’s Best Damn Root Beer, I think? – and despite him actually liking it better, I ended up thinking it was too much and hated it!

We know that my tastebuds are very reluctant to change, but who knew that in the course of a month they could go from not having an opinion about something whatsoever to only liking this one thing and nothing else even remotely like it?!

Oh well – now if just more of the stores nearby would actually stock the bottles and not just six-packs of cans… 😛

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