Mar 1, 2016: Storage


If there’s one thing that I don’t like about the house that we currently own … aside from not having a yard for the dog and kid to run around … it’s the complete and utter lack of storage space.

From what I’ve observed, it’s a pretty common problem here in Florida that I was absolutely spoiled about before I moved down here from Michigan where everyone has basements that are pretty much like giving you an entire extra house, just underground!

You can’t do that in Florida because we’re only like four feet above sea level and the entire state is basically built on top of a swamp.

So instead we’re relegated to stuffing the closet in our spare bedroom with mementos and holiday decorations and miscellaneous junk that’s going to (hopefully) become a real problem here in the next year when child #2/3 arrives and said guest room transforms into another kid bedroom. We’ve already got a ton of stuff out in the garage, but we don’t like storing certain things out there even in plastic totes out of fear of mildew, bugs, etc…

I remember touring one house during our searches a few years back that had a HUGE crawlspace for storage underneath the stairs leading up to the second floor which would be just about perfect for our needs if we can hold off until we’re actually ready to build a new home of our own. It may mean admitting that Harry Potter will never come to visit us because his room will be filled with Christmas decorations and crap from our wedding, but I suppose that’s just another sacrifice one makes in the name of growing up.

Sorry, Potter… 😛

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