June 25, 2016: Smile More


I only recently discovered Roman Atwood on YouTube in the last couple of weeks … I think possibly through Casey Neistat’s vlogs … but I’ve really been enjoying watching his own vlogs because the guy just always seems so damn happy all of the time! 🙂

Note that he kind of made a name for himself through pranking and some of his older pranks definitely have been labeled controversialbut when I watch his most recent videos, I don’t see an asshole prankster just looking to mess with people for viral success. I see a guy who genuinely loves bonding and spending time with his family and seems pretty grateful for all of his fans, and that I can certainly admire.

Now that said, there is one particular prank video of Roman’s that I absolutely loved nonetheless because it’s hands down the epitome of good natured, happy practical joking and, well…

Who wouldn’t want A BALL PIT taking up their entire house?!?!?! 😯

This is the kind of pranking that I can totally get behind, even being more than a bit overwhelmed at times picking up the balls in my own living room after my son opts to tip over his considerably more moderate ball pit just for the sake of tipping it over! After watching his follow-up vlog about filling one of the empty bedrooms in his house with some of the leftover balls, I even asked my wife if she would be cool with doing that in Christopher’s new room so that his pirate ship bed would literally be floating on a sea of colored balls, and she didn’t say NO!

Still, seems like enough stray toys lost on the floor underneath the balls would make walking an absolute nightmare… 😛

Anyway, I like watching Roman’s vlogs with his family because they invoke the slogan of his company – to Smile More! – and as a creative person with my own goals and ambitions, I’m always eager to come across new sources of inspiration that can help drive me to make the kinds of things that *I* enjoy making, too. 😉

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