June 24, 2016: Blue Skies

So who would’ve thought that peeing tiny rocks out of your dick hole would make you feel better?!

…well, not the process itself mind you, but the aftermath has certainly been preferable to whatever I was experiencing the last two days while those stupid, tiny stones were still cruelly traversing my innards and whatnot… 😛

Admittedly I never would’ve expected it to literally be so night and day, waking up this morning pretty much as bright as a daisy and surprisingly well slept to boot after pretty much attributing all of yesterday to a Vicodin-induced coma. I was kind of thinking that I’d still be sore for a few days, but instead I was able to get up and go about my business for the first time in days!

Which is probably all for the best because just between you and me, I’ve got a lot of business to catch up on now. Thankfully I was still able to get this week’s humor column up on time – Death of a Hairbrush – so go check that out if you’re eager to learn about all of the most recent things that my kid has managed to break without remorse around this house! I also made some headway on a new humor project that I hope to be unveiling here in just another week or so … very excited about that. 😉

Now to pickup with life wherever I left off earlier this week pre-kidney stones, with the hopes that now victorious, I shall never find myself having to pee rocks out of my body ever again…

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