June 22, 2016: Kidney Stone(s)?!

Well … at least it’s not back pain??? 😯

Needless to say, things didn’t improve last night quite as I had hoped … I actually woke up thinking that I was feeling better, but throughout the day the pain somehow relocated and then returned persistently worse until I finally bit the bullet and went to urgent care where the nice doctor and nurses declared after about an hour of research that I’ve probably just got a kidney stone or something!

I suppose that’s technically better than appendicitis, which I was able to rule out myself on account of it apparently being on the wrong side and all…

Still, the thought of peeing tiny rocks out of my dick hole is certainly terrifying enough, particularly when the doc pointed out after reviewing the x-rays that it looked like I might have one on my right side, which I should note is not the side where I’ve been having all of my pain for the last two days!

I guess that kidney stones can be sneaky, little buggers like that sometimes.

Thankfully, this doc prescribed me a whole new batch of drugs, including VICODIN which has been absolutely fantastic this evening! Honestly, my dip in the hot tub yesterday was about the only thing to even come close to dissipating the pain despite the other drugs, so I was beyond happy to find that this one is a bit more effective at easing the pain while these stupid, little stones roll around my body and do whatever it is that they have to do…

…which still has me a bit nervous because the doc also confirmed what I already had predicted that kidney stones are the type of thing that are going to get worse before they get better. From what we could tell, though, if it’s already moved from my back/side to the front, at least it’s making quick progress, so hopefully my new best friend VICODIN will be able to keep the moaning and groaning at bay until the stones find a better place to live than … wherever the hell they are inside of me now.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow’s Thing-a-Day post will be about anything other than pain and hurting! 😛

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