June 21, 2016: Back Pain


The signs of getting older are becoming more and more apparent, from the teenage bagger at Publix offering to carry my lone shopping bag to my car to the fact that I’ve recently been actively shopping for the bounty known as life insurance, but nothing serves as a painful reminder of my own feeble mortality more than … back pain.

And it would be one thing if I got it by actually doing something physical like moving heavy boxes or just flexing my ginormous muscles really hard, but no – how does Scott in His 30’s hurt his back? By sleeping, or by sitting at the computer desk. How does that even work?!

Well, as multiple doctors have now explained to me, there are a couple of huge muscles that line your back and when you never, ever stretch them at all like one who lives a 150% sedentary life tends to do, occasionally they flair up to the point where you can’t bend over, or you can’t not bend over. Either way, it’s bullshit.

It doesn’t help that I’m so far buried in work of all kinds right now that pretty much any time spent not being productive is just about devastating … I mean, it’s often hard for me to justify family time in times like this, so to spend an entire day or more just laid up, clutching my side and moaning in relative agony, it makes the day all the more frustrating…

Anywho, I’ve got a regiment of pain killers prescribed by my live-in nurse, so here’s hoping that when I wake up tomorrow, this will all have just been a bad day that we can scratch off the calendar and then promptly move on from.

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